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Technische Daten
Modell Storageworks RAID ARRAY 310 (SWXRA-Z1)
Art Server-Tower
Cache 16MB
Controller HSZ20 SCSI-Contr., ASCII, RAID
Festplatten 7x 4.3GB (1xRZ1CB-VW)
Einschübe 7x HDD (0 frei)
  2x 5.25" (1 frei)
Anschlüsse 1x SCSI 68pol.FWD-SCSI, 3x 9pol.
Netzteil 2x PWR redundant  
Abmessung ca. 24 x 55 x 47 cm (BxHxT)


Number of Buses 16-bit Differential SCSI host bus
Two 8-bit, single-ended SCSI buses (A and B)
 SCSI Support Fast Wide Differential SCSI-2 
Connector Single 68-pin high density female SCSI connector on the rear panel
 Performance Up to 3000 IO's/second 
 RAID Limits As of HOSF 3.2 release the following applies:
bulletA mirrorset can have a maximum of 6 members.
bulletA stripeset or RAIDset can have a maximum of 14 members.
bulletThere can be a maximum of 7 mirrorsets or RAIDsets or both.
bulletThere can be a maximum of 14 storagesets, including RAIDsets, mirrorsets, and stripesets.
bulletThere can be a maximum of 14 physical device members total for a unit.
bulletThere can be a maximum of 4 partitions per disk or storageset.
bulletEach storageset can store a maximum of 120 GB.
bulletLimited to 7 storagesets in a single pedestal configuration or 14 in a dual pedestal configuration.
Added Drives
Supported under

(HOSF 3.2)

bulletDS-RZ1BB-VW 2.1GB 7200RPM UltraSCSI HDD 
bulletDS-RZ1CB-VW 4.3GB 7200RPM UltraSCSI HDD 
bulletDS-RZ1DB-VW 9.1GB 7200RPM UltraSCSI HDD 
 SBB Capacity Seven 3½-inch SBB slots
Expansion slots 7 (maximum 14 SBB's capacity up to 127GB.) 
 Features Hot Swap SBB's 
Write Back Cache (optional) - 16MB 
 Software Support OpenVMS 
Digital UNIX
Windows NT


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